Ahad, 18 Oktober 2020


 Anda mencari pakej percutian dan aktiviti di taman negara kuala tahan pahang ? Dapatkan pakej taman negara pahang untuk 2021 / 2022 bersama kami. Kami menawarkan pakej aktitivti tanpa penginapan dan aktiviti bersama penginapan di taman negara pahang. Jom Ke Taman Negara Pahang! 

6 ulasan:

  1. For people who love nature, peace calm, and Adventure please stay and explore Taman Negara.

  2. Underrated jungle. The guide was very passionate about educating us about the forest and its history

  3. Some great hikes and a cool canopy walk for only 5RM. Bring water, it's very humid. If you walk off of the boardwalks that mark the main trails, watch for leeches... They're hungry

  4. What a magnificent rainforest!! Dropped by here by chance & loving every second of it. Unfortunately we arrived late & the walkway was closed. Managed to track Bukit Terisek & enjoyed breath taking sunset looking over Gunung Tahan. So looking forward to repeat the trip properly.

  5. 3D2N trek through Malaysia's oldest rainforest. Our trip include a fast boat ride and a cave stay, Might not be recommended for beginners as the load is heavier and trek longer. But we love getting close to nature (leech included). Walk pass elephant footprints too! The cave stay was a novelty for us, including make-shift toilet corner.

    For urban folks, the green canopy provided a much need respite.
    Would love to visit again.

  6. Our guide Rahizul was outstanding, knowledgeable, and friendly. He showed us many secrets and facts of the forest. See accompanying photos.

    There was a major traffic jam on the night walk also the day hike. The noisy groups spoiled the spirit of the forest.

    There are many broken hazardous steps and missing rails that are in dire need of repairs. A hiker behind me fell on one of the broken steps, fortunately I was in place to break her fall. Repair them before someone get seriously injured.

    There are no mammals to be seen. Only distant gibbons calling.


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