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  2. 13 Benefits of Team Building Activities

    1. Better Communication

    Communication between staff and departments is the key to success. Team building exercises encourage staff to communicate with each other to complete tasks and solve problems. By putting people in a fun and relaxing environment outside the workplace, you will encourage everyone to relax, be themselves and open up to others.
    An example activity to encourage improved communication would be plank walking where every member of the team must communicate effectively in order to walk in sync.
    2. Increased Productivity

    Better communication and collaboration will have a positive knock-on effect on productivity levels. By working together on a common goal, duplication of work is decreased, there is less friction and resistance, and therefore better output from each staff member.
    This is one of the most sought after goals that employers look to achieve when taking part in team-building activities.
    3. Improved Morale

    One of the top benefits of team building activities is improved morale in the office. An enthusiastic and positive workforce that feel they are cared for will radiate that feeling throughout the office, creating an environment that is nice and fun to work in.
    Team exercises and games that improve morale can help break down barriers between employees and give ideas to bosses as to how to create and keep a good atmosphere in the office.
    4. Increase in Motivation

    Taking part in something new and exciting such as a team bonding exercise increases staffs motivation as they know that they are being cared for and will be rewarded for their good work.
    This increase in motivation should help improve productivity levels, morale and confidence in each others ability.
    5. Leadership Qualities Identified

    Employers and managers can identify leaders within the workforce while taking part in team-building activities as they take control of problem-solving tasks and positively work with and encourage other members of the team.
    While taking part in a team game such as ‘Blindfold Shape Game’, leaders will communicate effectively with everyone and find solutions to get the correct answers.
    6. Creativity is Encouraged

    Activities such as raft-building encourage staff to think and get creative while designing their raft that must float on the water. Encouraging the workforce to be creative and use their initiative can have amazing effects on an organisation as staff will feel trusted to think outside the box and find solutions to potential problems.
    Fresh ideas can keep a company ahead of the pack and opens a wide range of possibilities.
    7. Increase in Confidence Levels

    Team building days can increase employees personal confidence and also confidence in their colleague’s abilities. An increase in confidence will give your workforce the inner courage to express new ideas and depend on others within the group to be able to complete tasks that are necessary to make a company successful.
    8. Improved Mental Health

    Problem-solving challenges and physical activities are good for peoples mental health. By proving that you are capable of completing challenges you will gain a huge boost in confidence and self-esteem.
    Getting out and taking part in physical activities is also a great way to clear the head and feel healthier which will have a great impact on a person’s mental health.
    Outdoor activities benefit health in many ways including reducing stress and anxiety, and this will help make staff much more productive in the workplace.
    9. Improved Physical Health

    Giving your staff a day out of the office where they aren’t sitting at a desk all day is a great way to promote improving physical health. Team building activities are much more active than typing emails and making phone calls all day!
    Businesses cannot function if their staff are missing days because they are physically unwell and that is why promoting good physical health through team building is important. Pentingkan Team Building??


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